Aenon Baptist Church
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At 10:45am SUNDAY SCHOOL - Except 1st Sunday when we join in the FAMILY SERVICE

At 11:00am MORNING SERVICE - Through the month include FAMILY SERVICE (1st Sunday) and COMMUNION (3rd Sunday)

At 6:00pm EVENING SERVICE - Through the month include COMMUNION (1st Sunday) and HEALING SERVICE (Any 5th Sunday)

40 Days with JESUS

For the next forty days the church is exploring together the post-resurrection appearances of Jesus. We will discover afresh the vital evidence of His resurrection and see how He changed the lives of those He came back to restore, guide and empower. But most importantly, our desire is to have a fresh encounter with the risen Jesus that will draw us closer to the Father's heart beat, that we would be empowered to make Jesus known to all we meet.

3rd & 4th Saints Alive Courses completed

We have been privileged once again to see our Father God move sovereignly in the hearts of all the delegates. We look forward to the Saints Alive party where worship, fellowship and food will be enjoyed together, we will also hear testimonies from the group that are sure to encourage and build us up in Christ Jesus.

Tired of religion? Is relationship with God even possible? Are you thinking "There must be more than this?" Then Saints Alive may well give you the answer! If you are asking any of these questions, then do please contact us at

In the centre of Morriston, Aenon Baptist Church is a community of faith, and is a welcoming church with a relaxed atmosphere.

We are journeying together to discover more about Jesus and the work of the Holy Spirit in order to equip believers for fruitful ministry and service. Sunday services include worship and prayer, communion and Bible teaching. Prayer ministry is also available and encouraged. Our services are a mixture of both traditional and contemporary worship styles. The heartbeat of Aenon is to make Jesus known - there is a growing excitement as to what our God is doing among us and through us.